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Meet Our 2019 Team

Because God Made Fashion.

Monica McQueen

Sponsorship/Apparel Recruiter & Production Coordinator

Energetic and driven, we were thrilled when Monica joined as our Production Coordinator in 2018. Monica definitely is part of the Faith &  Fashion Week glue that keeps things in place and moving timely! This year she will serve in multiple roles and is always excited to take on the next challenge to push our mission and our team forward.


Ellen Aubee

Visual Director

Since joining the Faith & Fashion Week team, Ellen has consistently brought our vision to life with her creative touch and decorating expertise. Her elegant sense of style and attention to detail makes each event a memorable experience for both participants and spectators. We can't wait to see what she comes up with this year!


Brandi Nichole

Editorial Director

One of our original team members, Brandi Nichole is loved by attendees and staff alike for always bringing her bold fashion concepts to life via hair, makeup, and styling! Brandi brings knowledge, enthusiasm, and joy to Faith & Fashion Week each year and as our Editorial Director, we have truly been blessed with an invaluable member of the team.


Dre Cotton

Media Director

Naomi Burrell is an established professional with proven experience in both media and business. With a degree in business and a certification in Digital Entrepreneurship, Naomi is on the cutting-edge of the media consulting industry. As a result of her commitment to learning, she is a current Master's Degree Candidate at Strayer University, pursuing a Master's in Business Administration. She also serves as the Chief Media Office for Wisdom On The Wall, Inc., a non-profit organization that uplifts and empowers women all over the globe. Naomi was recognized by the Women In Business International and by Strayer University for her work as an entrepreneur. She is a published journalist, author and she has provided media/press coverage for major events across the U.S. 

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Kendra Pierce

Facilities Manager

Since joining Faith & Fashion Week as a volunteer in 2018 Kendra Pierce, has brought a passion and an abundance of positive energy to our team that is undeniable! Her wide array of fashion production experience makes her an essential asset and a perfect fit as our Facility Manager.

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Cheri Glover

Social Media Manager

Cheri Glover is a Fashion Model from Queens, NY. In 2016, Cheri started walking in fashion shows and continued to learn more about the fashion industry. Since then, Cheri has worked with two companies. Within one company she became a Mentor/ Model Coordinator Assistant. Within the other company, Cheri was a Model and Marketing Assistant. As the Marketing Assistant, Cheri has managed and created content for social media. She has also placed models and make-up artists for different events. Cheri enjoys working in front of or behind the scenes. She loves helping others reach their full potential and accomplish their vision.  

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Quintaria Brunson


The visionary and creator of Faith &  Fashion Week brings a veal for life with an unshakable love for God to every production. Quintaria's ability to transcend every boundary regarding why faith and fashion cannot work together has allowed this event to become a huge success that keeps audiences anticipating what awesome theme and stylish trends she will explore next! We are blessed to have a producer that, not only admires fashion and expresses it through creative methods, she also knows that fashion is a gift from God and uses her creativity to honor Him!

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